Year 5

French Day

As part of our French day, we learnt about the food in France. We drew pictures of our favourite foods and wrote the French translation next to them. Tasty and educational!

Christmas Play

Christmas Decorations

We have been busy making Christmas decorations using recycled materials.  We used scrap paper and old cups. We could make Santa, reindeer, snowman, elf and some of us even made angels! First we had to choose our design. Then we had to colour the cups using felt tips. Next we drew our design and cut in out and stuck it on the cup. Finally an adult threaded through the top of the cup a loop so the decoration can be hung on a tree. Just look at our creations!

Greek Myths

 This is our learning wall for writing Greek Myths.  We share ideas and explore techniques to make our writing dramatic and imaginative.

Ancient Greek Pots

 Keeping with our theme of all things Ancient Greek, look at our fabulous pots!

Cambridge Institute of Astronomy

Fleur's Poem

School is as awesome as awesome can be.

Just think how awesome it would be if everything was made of candy.

Mrs Piper pipes as she walks around the school.

But the way she walks is cool.

When Mrs Conway says start.

It's like your brain is on a cart.

All the staff at Hartford School are so cool.

But it would be funny if they were in a pool!

Favourite Authors

This super display board has been made up of posters that we made about our favourite authors.



We found out what it was like to be an Archaeologists, but in reverse!  First we designed and drew our pots.  Next we cut them up to make them look like they had been broken.  Finally we put them back together again, with SMASHING results!