Science Curriculum


Science Day - Wednesday 18th October

Science Day - Wednesday 7th June 2017

The children had a fabulous time during the Whole School Science Day. 

The day included interactive Sublime Science Workshops which were perfect for the children, and was Slimetastically Guaranteed to inspire children to love learning and experimenting. The workshops werethe perfect mix of Spectacular Science Experiments & Hands-on Activities, including:

  • 'Magic' Tricks and Spectacular Experiments where the children's mouths fell wide open with amazement! (And they learnt all about the scientific method too!)
  • Sweet Making as a Science Experiment - Every single child was grinning from ear to ear when they tasted them! (As well as understand chemical reactions!)
  • Spectacular Science - Bubbles, Smoke & Flying things where the children learnt all about pressure, air & forces too
  • Gooey Slime Making - the children made their own slime to take home & show you (and learnt all about polymers too!)