Apprenticeship Scheme

Through discussions with staff and pupils, we have found that many children do not have high aspirations of themselves. They see school very much as something that is ‘done to them’ in the here and now but are not seeing that what they learn now has an effect on their future lives and work. People often ask children what they want to do when they grow up, but why at the age of 8 would a child know, when their experience of jobs and working life can be limited?

 We want to address this by giving our children the opportunity to see what goes on outside of our school and to see how the skills we learn at KS2 and beyond link into work that is actually taking place in our society. To do this, every child will belong to an ‘Apprenticeship Group’ that focuses on a different area of work.

The children will be able to achieve skills levels within their field as they progress through the year and find out more about the jobs involved in their line of work. Levels 1 and 2 should be achieved through the work they will participate in in school, with Level 3 requiring some self-study at home.

Please follow the Group links below to see the home study suggestions:

Animal      Emergency Services     Engineering      History     Land Management     IT     Justice & Law     Media     Medical  Military Music & Theatre     Science Sports     Travel


 The year will culminate in a sharing assembly so all the children can see what other apprenticeship groups have learnt and experienced throughout the year. Also we will hold a Careers Expo for the children to present their work to parents and other that will have been involved during the year.

 If you have an amazing job or know someone with contacts within the various apprenticeship fields we would love to hear from you. There may also be opportunities to accompany us on trips. Please contact me if you would like to take part or have any questions.

Animal Care




Financial Services





 Session 1:  We introduced ourselves and talked about how we had decided to dress up as someone who worked in the IT sector. Costumes varied from dress down in jeans and t-shirt to very smart with a laptop bag.

We made a mind map about all of the different jobs that we thought people might work at in this industry.In the afternoon, we shared this information with the other groups in the assembly.

 26th September 2018:  We thought carefully about the different skills that we have. We identified that we use different skills inside and outside of school, and that a lot of them overlap. The children were surprised to discover that they use maths skills outside of school! Later in the session, we investigated some of the IT jobs that are available on the internet at the moment. We tried to identify the different skills that were needed for the jobs (which was quite tricky!). We shared our ideas and clarified the different skills and thought about how different they were to the skills that we use in school.

Justice & Law


Land Management

26th September 2018:  In our first session today we began by exploring what we are good at and what our skills are. We shared the things that we thought others in the team were capable of too.

We thought carefully about what skills are needed in the world of jobs. In preparation for the next couple of sessions, we also learnt about the main skills and duties of people who are involved in managing the land. We came up with lots of different jobs, including cemetery and football grounds people, as well as gardeners, horticulturalists and tree surgeons. The group decided that you would need to love working outdoors (in all weathers), be fit and physically strong, be good at planning and be able to use different tools and machinery.

As a group, we looked at the different trips and visitors planned over the next few months, and discussed what would happen at the Botanic Gardens on Monday 8th October. Lastly, we talked about what we could do for the Harvest Festival assembly taking place on Thursday 11th October, as well as choosing the songs we would like to sing.

8th October 2018:  Today, we set off to the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens, to explore the grounds and learn about the different jobs and skills involved in running such a huge place (over 42 acres). We were greeted by Sandie Cain, who is an Education Project Manager at the Gardens.  We went to the Schools Garden and Sandie introduced herself and her role whilst we had a snack. We then explored the amazing greenhouses, looking at plants and trees that grow in alpine, rainforest and other climates. We learnt about ‘The Bug Man’ who supplies the Gardens with special packets of bugs that eat other bugs which would otherwise destroy the plant life. They do not use pesticides at all.

We also ran around a grass maze, climbed a rising path structure which had lots of information about the evolution of plants from single cells, touched and smelt flowers in the sensory garden area, and learnt about lots of different trees, including the Wollemia nobilis – a pine tree which was around in pre-historic times!  Finally, after we had eaten lunch and had a play, we planted bulbs (tulips) and plants (pansies) to be kept at the Schools Garden. After we had finished potting these, Sandie let us take a plant home each to remember our visit.  It was brilliant!




26th September 2018In the afternoon we looked at various adverts for each of the individual forces – RAF, Army, Navy and Royal Marines and discussed what jobs they were advertising, but also what was highlighted in all of the adverts (travel, team work and friendships). We then worked in teams and came up with a selection of skills and qualifications they thought would be needed in this profession.  A really enjoyable afternoon.

Music, film & theatre


Product Design



 26th September 2018:  Today we explored the different skills we thought we had. We discussed what we were good at and talked about the skills that enable us to excel in different things. We discussed how we can become good at different areas and agreed that skills can be learned and improved.  

We then looked at the skills that scientists might need to do their jobs. We found out that you would need to have good scientific knowledge and also keep up to date with new scientific publications. We also found out that you need to be good at making observations and explaining results. We discussed lots of other skills too.   We discussed different jobs that we could engage in as scientists and are looking forward to finding out what skills and qualifications are needed for different type of jobs.



Travel & Tourism

 26th September 2018We decided that if we were going to become experts in things to do with Travel and Tourism it would be important to have an idea about different countries in the world. Therefore, we discussed the holidays we have been on, talking about the activities we have done there and the famous landmarks we have seen.

We coloured in some countries on a map of the world to show the countries we have visited as a group. We looked up some of the landmarks too. We think this would be an important skill for a travel agent so they could recommend exciting and interesting places to go on holiday.