Apprenticeship Scheme

From September 2017, we are introducing a new and exciting activity into our curriculum for all children to participate in. We are calling this our ‘Apprenticeship Scheme’.

 Through discussions with staff and pupils, we have found that many children do not have high aspirations of themselves. They see school very much as something that is ‘done to them’ in the here and now but are not seeing that what they learn now has an effect on their future lives and work. People often ask children what they want to do when they grow up, but why at the age of 8 would a child know, when their experience of jobs and working life can be limited?

 We want to address this by giving our children the opportunity to see what goes on outside of our school and to see how the skills we learn at KS2 and beyond link into work that is actually taking place in our society. To do this, every child will belong to an ‘Apprenticeship Group’ that focuses on a different area of work.

 There will be 15 different ‘Apprenticeship Groups’ each having their own ‘job’ focus. For example we will have Apprenticeship groups that focus on: Law, engineering, media, the travel industry and the emergency services. Each group will be made up of approximately 16 children from across all year groups.  The groups will meet every 3 weeks to explore the types of jobs that people do and the skills needed to do these jobs. They will have the opportunity to work on specific skills.  We will have visits from people that work in these industries and every group will go on a trip to experience their ‘job’ in the real world. 

 The children will be introduced to the Apprenticeship Scheme in an assembly on Wednesday 19th July and will come home that day with a letter informing them which Apprenticeship scheme they have been allocated.  On Wednesday the 13th September we will have an ‘Apprenticeship dressing-up day’ where the children will be encouraged to dress up in a job associated with their group for a donation of £1.

 The children will be able to achieve skills levels within their field as they progress through the year and find out more about the jobs involved in their line of work. Levels 1 and 2 should be achieved through the work they will participate in in school will Level 3 requiring some self-study.

 The year will culminate in a sharing assembly so all the children can see what other apprenticeship groups have learnt and experienced throughout the year. Also we will hold a Careers Expo for the children to present their work to parents and other that will have been involved during the year.

 If you have an amazing job or know someone with contacts within the various apprenticeship fields we would love to hear from you. There may also be opportunities to accompany us on trips. Please contact me if you would like to take part or have any questions.

 We are very excited about this new and unique enterprise that we are embarking on. We hope you encourage your child with their work through discussing what they are up to and looking on here to find out what they have been up to.