Assessment and Our Results


Assessment is a continuous process which takes place in every area of school life.  Through it we are able to build a complete picture of the child's rate of development, not only intellectually, but emotionally, socially and physically.  Assessment is an important part of the teaching and learning process at our school.  By assessing what the child knows, understands and can do, the teacher is able to plan future programmes of work for individuals and also to report individual achievements to parents and other teachers.  The methods of assessment used by the teaching staff involve talking with the child, observing the child doing something and looking at the work produced by the child.  In all of these we aim to match the skill or content of the task to the level of attainment of the child.


At our school, each child will take the Optional SATs.  Their purpose is to enable children to provide evidence of their highest attainment in English and mathematics.  At the end of Year 6 the children take the National SATs, which are currently in maths and English.  The results of the class teacher’s assessment will, as far as possible, be shared with the parents, not only so that they may be involved directly in their children's learning and other achievements, but so that a positive, collaborative relationship between child, parent and teacher will exist.

KS2 Statutory Assessment Tests

In Year 6 the children take a national attainment tests, SAT tests. These are puplished by schools nationally.

School Results

Unvalidated 2016/2017 Tests Results

At Expected Standard Greater Depth
Reading/Writing/Maths Combined 53% 5%
Reading 61% 29%
Writing 71% 11%
Maths 77% 27%
SPAG 68% 29%


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