Parental Involvement

Our greatest hope is that the children of Hartford Junior will look forward to arriving at our school each day, because it is a place where they feel secure, safe and happy; where they feel they are succeeding and where they feel valued.

We believe that the education of any child involves their experiences both at home and at school, so we would hope to build strong links between the two. If the children are aware of these links, which are continuous and consistent, then it is they who should benefit.

The learning activities that we provide should help to prepare your child for the experiences, opportunities and responsibilities they will meet in everyday life.

As far as possible we will ensure that the activities are challenging, varied and well suited to your child's needs. After their time at Hartford we expect the children to emerge as willing and able learners who are self-disciplined and self-motivated, well equipped for the next phase of their education.

We hope that parents will, as far as possible, become involved in the life of the school, not only to gain an understanding of how we aim to educate your child, but also so that children can see parents and teachers working together, sharing the same expectations, values and attitudes. There are a number of ways in which parents can do this.


At Home


At home parents can talk with their children about their interests in school, the activities they have undertaken - the responsibilities they have been given. Alternatively, sharing reading books, newspapers and magazines, where you read together or each of you reads a part, can do much to help your child become a better reader. At our school we operate an established scheme known as CAPER (Children and Parents Enjoying Reading) when all the children are encouraged to take reading books home from school.

There will be assignments involving spelling, number work or topic work which are brought home, that can lead to shared activities.
In School
Parents are also welcome to spend some time in school each week, assisting the teachers with general duties, helping in classrooms with activities such as reading, art and craft and cookery, or outside with P.E. lessons. We also value the involvement of parents who can accompany children on educational visits. Recently parents have helped to run a number of after school clubs.

In addition to these events, the school organises open days and/or open evenings when parents can visit the school to learn more about the work that the children do and the methods teachers use.


Keeping your child safe online


If you want further information about how to keep your child safe online please look at the following links. These will provide you with a wealth of information and enable you to report any undesirable sites you find.


Think You Know

CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre)


Internet Watch Foundation

Friends of Hartford Junior School



Information for Parents


 Helping your child with number calculations

Parents will want information concerning all of these activities as well as further details about the children’s work in the classroom and the general development of the school. This is supplied either by whole school newsletters, which are written once or twice a term, or by ‘Lively Leaflets’ which are written by teachers for each year group.

Information concerning your child's individual progress is provided when parents and teachers meet at the school during the Autumn and Spring terms and when parents receive a written report towards the end of the academic year.

If for any reason you are concerned about your child's progress or if you feel that he/she is not happy, then please do not hesitate to contact the class teacher.

Click on this link for a parent guide:          Helping your Child with Number Calculations

Helping your child with Grammar

We think that the good use of grammar is an important part of learning to write effectively.  There is a lot of technical grammar vocabulary we are now teaching the children in school.  The following guide has been assembled by an outside provider, but we think it gives you a really good idea about the content of our grammar teaching.

 Click on this link for a parent guide:                   Grammar; A Parents Guide